With QuattroV's surveillance and access control system, your business and premises is on watch all the time via your computer or mobile.

QuattroV provides a complete system for surveillance

By partnering with Geo Vision and using our solutions and advances in development, you can monitor all your locations from one central place.
1. Assessments and design
2. Installation and configuration
3. Training on the product and support

QuattroV uses state of the art hardware to implement our solutions including:

DVR system, PC based surveillance system
This surveillance system is designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environments. It includes specialized features and with integration and versatility built in. In addition it offers advantages that convert into lower cost of installation and unlimited connectivity options. With video, audio, data, and I/O devices combined all into one system and through uniform software platform interface, each of these solutions provides a full list of features and functionalities that can quickly fulfill various clients’ particular security surveillance requirements.
NVR System, (Network Video Recorder)
Records video and audio data over TCP/IP networks. With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the NVR offers the same functions as GV-Series Surveillance System. From monitoring features to video analytics as well as integration with LPR, POS/ATM and Access Control systems, it stands as one of the most comprehensive IP surveillance software in the security market.
Control Center Monitoring Station
Provides an overall central monitoring solution for high-profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential use markets. Numerous GV Surveillance Systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras and integrated with IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms, and POS systems.
Compact DVR (Mobile video recorder)

This is a mobile video recorder. It can simultaneously display real-time images from four cameras. The Anti-Vibration model of the GV-Compact DVR has already been tested to withstand severe levels of shock and vibration in mobile environments. It is perfect to be installed in any vehicles, such as buses and vans, for surveillance and recording.

LPR ( License plate solutions)
This solution is an effective video security and parking monitoring solution that can enforce parking lot security. Many parking lots security are rated high risk due to their poor response to crimes and the common nature of parking lot incidents. Isolated corners or levels of a large lot make it difficult for security officers to patrol and monitor.
Access Control System
Offers intelligent networked solution, suitable for both small business and multinationals with facilities around the globe. The comprehensive managing and monitoring software package allows seamless integration with GeoVision DVR and IP products, offering live video and event associated playback to be controlled from single platform.
Capture is an innovated Ethernet version of the Data Capture Box allowing the integration of POS systems and GV-DVR systems via LAN, WAN, or Internet. It captures information from POS, ATM, cashier system, or any other device providing text data, and overlays the information directly onto the live or recorded video images. You can now empower your business with the total integration of digital surveillance system, effectively reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent losses.