QuattroV- complete IT for franchisees.

The strategies we have developed streamline the process of tech support to help store personnel keep their attention on store operations and customers. We handle all IT needs and issues. One phone call needs to be made when an issue arises — and that phone call is to us. Most of the time we know about problems before your store opens. We can prevent problems from happening, and your workday can start on time.

It is a headache, dealing with frustrating 800 numbers. Between Internet providers and Hardware/Software POS providers... trying troubleshoot the problem when you can't identify it... it can be a terrible experience. One call to us and all that time spent on the phone (often on hold) is eliminated.


QuattroV's complete franchisees IT benefits package includes:

  • Minimizing your downtime as quickly as possible
  • Complete installation and configuration of servers and POS
  • Complete store network setup and configuration
  • Guaranteed the lowest Dell POS prices
  • 24x7x365 tech support ( English, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic)
  • POS 3 years warranty expiration worries free
  • PCI compliance standard and security breach protected
  • POS/Store infrastructure planning
  • Help choosing /buying the right POS system to suite your needs
  • POS on/off line and hardware health monitoring to benefit the max of your hardware
  • Direct remote support to your POS
  • Field service tech support
  • Surveillance cameras POS integration (Text over relay)



2429 Bissonnet Street

Suite 763

Houston, TX  77079


12012 Wickchester

Suite 100

Houston, TX 77079


Tel:  713.589.9903

Fax:  713.589.9907



P.O. Box 980875

Houston, TX  77098